Monday, April 1, 2013

An Analogue and Digital Debate

I Do What I Love:

I shoot film and I adore my SLR Digital when the son is going down. It gives me an extra 30-45 minutes to take my shots and I adore that. Who else is addicted to analogue cameras and the joy of creating with photography? I am interested in your experiences with the different mediums and how you learn each film and the f-stops that work with your cameras and the light. It is a fun journey learning. This is what I have been up to and I have a lot more where this came from, but I am curious what the world thinks. Thanks for stopping by! 

Analogue: polacolor-Polaroid film 669 (filters are used and an old land camera...)

Model: Liana in Malibu at our secret beach. Styled and photographed my yours truly. 

All rights reserved by: Brooke Lundy

Please give credit where credit is due...Thanks.

Analogue: Black and White Fuji Film 3000 and an old Land Camera

Digital: Canon T2i-Yea I am kickin' it a bit 'Old School!

My life and how I spend my days is different than when I began this blog. I have been apprehensive to continue and share my work and what I am working on. Additionally, blogging has changed and become so commercial. I am not quite so sure that is where I want to take this. However, I am back, but things are a-change-changing. I may move to another blog and change the name, but for now...I do want to change things up a bit. I apologize if there is anyone has a problem with this, but I waited over a year so I think it's all good in the hood. 

However, I am so into DIY, teaching and photography. I am sharing all things related to my actual life and what I am working on from here on out and at my own pace. I am making this my personal journal. It is kind of old school, blogging. It is how I do my 'thang' though. I own it and I am totally ok with this. I hope you are all down with my new journey! Now, let's get started and get of course get excited! 

All rights reserved by: Brooke Lundy

Please give credit where credit is due...Thanks.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Lust, Luster & DIY

Ways to Spook Things Up
listening to "I put a spell on you"-Nina Simone
I am delighting in the creepy skulls that would stay on in a prominent place in our home after El Dia De Los Muertos! These fit our aesthetic perfectly and they're cast not real so they're vegan friendly, found objects upcycled and repurposed!

I want to make this or buy it. It's amazing! It was on etsy but I forgot where. Forgive me, please! I am way too busy to focus.

So smitten with black feather wreaths

anatomically correct decorating

A Bit of Freaky Fashion

Who say's you can't dress the part while you are out buying supplies or making these creepy creations? Check out etsy for most of these cool wares all over this post! Google skull, vintage vase, feather wreath or pumpkins and great things pop up. I found some great things under Halloween decoration...etc.!

Some DIY Halloween Inspiration
Throw some black roses in these or stick with the black and white theme and find some white flowers that suit your fancy to display, but display all these vases together for full impact. These have to be in a prominent place on a table with some glitter covered skulls and/or painted pumpkins. I also like the idea of hanging black crows on fishing line and/or using them in a centerpiece on your dining room table with these vases and some dark curly willow branches or maybe dried spiky flowers like thistles. Ghoulish.

Bedazzled and painted pumpkin perfection! You can do it if I can!

I can paint or stencil. This is way too cool for school!

Who wants to decoupage pumpkins? I do!

I die! This is so major!!! Black glitter everything. It's almost as good as sequined everything! Dope show!

A cool idea from The Martha Stewart Show! It's on her website with video and a tutorial. I would do them all in white or black with white candles or black candles since I want a simple color scheme.
I would probably do this with black tissue paper or paper doilies. I think the vintage creepy factor is what I am going for this year. However, the upcycled coffee filters are pretty cool and have an effect that I like. I also love the idea of a DIY black feather wreath. I love how chic and sleek that look is and black turkey feathers are really cheap! I would go to the fabric district and buy a black feather boa and attach it to a foam, floral frame using floral pins that can be purchased in DTLA in the floral district or at any basic craft store. You have to buy some acrylic paint and glitter anyways. Right? Right!

Supplies That Look Appetizing

Have fun and happy crafting! Happy Halloween! This is by far my favorite Holiday! I can't wait to show you all my tricked out treats and treasures. I am going to make some decorations this weekend and I am going for a theme. This year, I can focus on the home and not my costume since my snow white costume is done. I made it last year. I am going to go as a post-poison apple, zombie state, snow white and the hubby is going as a legalize Dopey dwarf! All he needs is his purple beanie and a pot leaf patch! Too funny! He's very straight laced so it's an oxymoron. Te he!
There's a lot more to come. As a theatre gal, I have a good time with costumes and the whole Halloween "event"! I still have to post a few pre-Halloween outfits, jewelry by a dear friend and some Polaroid play! I will try not to get too bogged down at work, teaching and producing our fall play! I am staying on top of all my responsibilities in order to post! Have fun & Happy haunting!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting Spooky With DIY Halloween Ideas!

This is going to be fun! I have so much DIY Halloween related spookiness to show the next few days! This is from the style list! Rad!