Monday, April 1, 2013

An Analogue and Digital Debate

I Do What I Love:

I shoot film and I adore my SLR Digital when the son is going down. It gives me an extra 30-45 minutes to take my shots and I adore that. Who else is addicted to analogue cameras and the joy of creating with photography? I am interested in your experiences with the different mediums and how you learn each film and the f-stops that work with your cameras and the light. It is a fun journey learning. This is what I have been up to and I have a lot more where this came from, but I am curious what the world thinks. Thanks for stopping by! 

Analogue: polacolor-Polaroid film 669 (filters are used and an old land camera...)

Model: Liana in Malibu at our secret beach. Styled and photographed my yours truly. 

All rights reserved by: Brooke Lundy

Please give credit where credit is due...Thanks.

Analogue: Black and White Fuji Film 3000 and an old Land Camera

Digital: Canon T2i-Yea I am kickin' it a bit 'Old School!

My life and how I spend my days is different than when I began this blog. I have been apprehensive to continue and share my work and what I am working on. Additionally, blogging has changed and become so commercial. I am not quite so sure that is where I want to take this. However, I am back, but things are a-change-changing. I may move to another blog and change the name, but for now...I do want to change things up a bit. I apologize if there is anyone has a problem with this, but I waited over a year so I think it's all good in the hood. 

However, I am so into DIY, teaching and photography. I am sharing all things related to my actual life and what I am working on from here on out and at my own pace. I am making this my personal journal. It is kind of old school, blogging. It is how I do my 'thang' though. I own it and I am totally ok with this. I hope you are all down with my new journey! Now, let's get started and get of course get excited! 

All rights reserved by: Brooke Lundy

Please give credit where credit is due...Thanks.