Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday: fancy free reviewing Stanton James!

-August's ArtWalk-
Explored Stanton James
Stanton James: an awesome new store, carrying great designers and their own line that's fabulous in DTLA! HOT Stuff!
I wore Jolt acid washed style stretch pants jeans, a Vintage T-Shirt, Me Too silver flats, my green supple leather Tano bag, a Cheap Monday necklace, a layered chain necklace by The Extras, The Extras layered rhinestone bracelets with leather bracelets, a black rhinestone watch and my favorite Nervous System Necklace (gift from my hubby)! 
One of the adorable owners, Brittany, minus her co-owner, Brooke. She's rocking my favorite line, Phillip & Lillian, of recycled leather bags! Love!!!
Such a cute store! 
Looks like Prada's Spring line, but less neon! You'll fall in love with all their accessories
Stop on by ASAP and you will not be sorry! It's a great store with a perfectly cultivated collection of lines and their own impressive line made here in LA! They're located at 600 S Spring St. in LA 90014! They're a must see in the Downtown area, but for those of you that are in other places or live out of town they're an online store too! Check out the site! Must buy too! So fun and such a great array of fripperies to choose from. This is what the yelpers & others are saying
I even had to stop by again to show the exterior display on the way home. Too cute! I m still in dire need of these off-white lace shorts. I have been craving them all summer. I found the cutest pair in both off-white and black at Stanton James!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Parks and Recreation!

-WTW Hiking-
Comfort trumps all Griffith Park trails and the observatory for an all in one fun festive day!
The trails are lovely and it's a nice to take a break from the city even though you're still super duper close to it all! Love! We had a fantastic adventure and even have picnicked there and found the Merry-Go-Round. You can even rent a horse and go riding or rent ponies for the kids! If you get truly crazy there are trains too! Go play at Griffith Park soon!
A couple Sun Salutations on top of a table after the first half of the hike to loosen the muscles a bit. This was very nice! Look at that view. If you don't like heights don't. Otherwise...DOPE!
Loving the rag doll and this stretch pose right here. Cozy.
I wore a Reef linen top with ticking and chambray ruffles, Forever 21 Rust colored, drawstring, linen shorts, My Lowa hiking boots (I swear by them! They're amazing for hiking any where and all over the country!), A quality wicking, Patagonia, sports bra, Smart Wool socks (the only way to go), oodles of natural leather and wood jewelry you've seen before, including my feather light earrings that I am addicted to and will not take off unless I am sleeping! Also, bracelets from Costa Rica and all over my favorite place to explore, the Fashion District on Santee Street. But of course, don't forget my crazy 1980s inspired, Quay Australia Sunnies and bright orange, (forgot the exact name) Essie nail polish. Enjoy. Don't sacrifice looking somewhat cute in nature because you can dress up. I even met a teenager  rocking hot looking off-white shorts and I wanted to steal them from her, wearing them off the trail. I dreamt of creamy lace shorts like that all summer and there they were out hiking. She found them for $5 brand new, on sale and that even makes me more jealous! I must find nude leather wedges and cream lace shorts by ASAP.
What a lovely day spent in nature with my hubby and I even was able to see two stars and Saturn in the telescope!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Full Bloom: tasty Tuesday!

-Enjoy Blossom in DTLA! Yummy!-
My happy hubby, enjoying his rare beef steak pho! I drank all his broth when he was done as well as knocking back some sake and my tofu curry and it was delish! We celebrated here, at Blossom, two times and at Mignon two times getting the call saying we are hired, sign the contract, for two new jobs! He is at USC, event planning with the Professional Writing Program and I am at Beverly Hills High teaching Theatre and Producing! Oh the life we will lead. This is an exciting new path and there are changes for both of us on the horizon with time to freelance!
New Denim Dress For a New Occasion! 
BB Dakota Dress and a supple, soft, green Tano bag! Everything else you have seen before. Of course my Quay sunnies, homemade earrings and Jewel Mint Necklace! Shoes are cheap and from the garment/fashion district near Santee in DTLA! I bet I spent $5.99 on them! I now need to buy myself a sweet Dean bag like D did!
 *Happy work week for you worker bees! I have 2 wks of freedom before I start buzzing about and I am using each day wisely to enjoy my spare time and random moments that come and go! Summer.
PS: We're going hiking in Malibu early today so I need to sleep!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Krazy is Cool!

Kris is Awesome and Check Out His Style!
This is my adopted son! I get to choose him! Isn't he adorable and all grown up? I think he is such a talent (smart, funny and unique)! He is also a remarkable photographer! I appreciate that he helps me out by taking a few shots for me here and there and they're beautiful! I will share a few, but you need to go to his flickr site and check him out yourselves because he is so cool!
Isn't he just cute as a button! Julia, his girlfriend, I featured earlier this week, but I thought I would give them their own posts since they are both so magnanimous! Julia took all photos above!
Above are a few of the shots he took that evening! And they are only some of the breadth of his work! Like I said, check out his work on Flickr and know there is more coming! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Under My Thumb!

I Thumbed Through my Personal Recipes & Found
Double Stuffed Cream Cheese French Toast
I hope you all love as much as we do!
Double Stuffed Cream Cheese French Toast (2-4 servings)
8 slices of your favorite Bread (white, french, wheat, raisin)
1 8 oz. package of cream cheese
4 tsp of strawberry jam
1/8 cup sugar or substitute with agave/stevia/splenda to taste
4 eggs
1/3 cup milk
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp nutmeg
1 dash of cardamom (keep it simple and do not overdo)
1 dash of salt about 1/8 tsp
2 tblsp of butter melted in the pan prior to cooking 
powered sugar to garnish and to taste
a few strawberries to garnish and to taste

The Method to the Madness:
1. Remove the cream cheese from package and place into a mixing bowl with sweetener and stir until cream y and smooth.
2. Place bread on a cutting board and spear the cream cheese mixture on four slices of bread.
3. Smear 1 tsp on the remaining 4 slices of bread.
4. Put the sandwiches together and set them aside while creating the egg mixture.
5. Mix eggs, milk, spices and salt with a whisk until whipped and mixed fully. 
6. Dip each side of the sandwiches into the egg mixture while the butter is heating in a frying pan on Medium heat. Put each sandwich into the frying pan as each is coated.
7. Cook fully on each side until golden and egg is cooked on each side.
8. Remove complete french toast and put onto serving plates.
9. Use a sieve to shake powdered sugar onto each plate.

10. Cut each strawberry into slices and place them on the plate with the french toast and powdered sugar!
11. Eat and enjoy while it's still hot and the cream cheese is gooey and delicious!
Enjoy with some awesome Costa Rican, french pressed coffee and if you have some cacao or hard dark chocolate, grate some, using a micro-plane, into your coffee or onto the french toast! It's really yummy and extremely good for you and your mood!
Give this a try and you will not regret it. Just get a great work out in later! xo ;D