Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Creepy Winged Crawlers

Mixed media including glue, netting, cardboard, watercolor and Sharpies hung on a clipboard.

Folk Animals

Acrylic on wood board based on a lovely Mexican blanket

The Suit in Splendor

The rest of the story!

Let's Go For a Swim!

I took a very ugly pair of khaki pants and made them into shorts with pleats. The bathing suit is thrifted, altered and hand beaded. I made the necklace myself. Shoes thrifted and sweater shirt is thrifted Charlotte. Sunnies Vogue! I have another pair of khakis i'm modifying tomorrow and a dress to hand paint and bead. Posts coming soon!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Wedding Alterations

Here are the rest of the shots. I hope. I keep getting error messages and I'm an impatient beginner. The shortened red dress will be posted tonight.

Let's Start at The Very Beginning

It only seems rational, a very good place to start to update with past creations that are becoming anew. The hubby and I just celebrated two years of marital bliss and in that process my beautiful, white, ebay scored dress has undergone transformation.
So, today I will continue to change this dress. I also have a before and after of the ballet slippers from my engagement shots. Take a look at the costume I created for the prom scene in Footloose for Ariel, the lead. Sorry my scanner sucks and you can't see her head. So the dress is red now and long. Today, it will be shortened and beaded or hand painted, but I am still debating! And, the ballet slippers are much more fashion forward and wearable.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Kitsch in Kindness

Welcome to my love of all things art! I am inspired by creation and my surroundings. This is my daily journal, documenting my life's adventures through fashion, interior design, food, wine, travel, teaching and life long learning!