Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our New Loft Downtown: I signed a lease in this outfit

The Blackstone Luxury Lofts

We're moving to an awesome loft in Downtown Los Angeles on Broadway near everything fun that we like to do so we can play more often! This is our new parking garage! We'll be living in the Blackstone Luxury Lofts. They're not quite finished, but the units are completed! Yay! New fridge, dishwasher, and 2 walk in closets! That was a sell for me and we signed the lease then and there. To take a peak and really see where we'll be living and how fabulous it is go to this site to see flickr photos! They're pretty gorgeous. Our unit has two walk in closets and two window seats so it is a little more sexy then the average lofts we saw while browsing! It had our name all over it!

Party September 9th for Art Walk!  
We're attending a party on September 9th, the night of art walk and we hope some of our friends will turn up to play. Unfortunately, we have to take measurements for the sliding doors we plan to install to create a secluded bedroom! 

My Outfit
I wore Kenneth Cole wedges, an asymmetrical Ann Demeulemeester skirt, a vintage Dana Buchman sequined, silk tank, a gifted from mom, handmade in Hong Kong silk blazer that my Grandmother had made during the Olympics a long time ago (I love the off-white silk lining), a thrifted off-white Lucite bracelet, my bullet necklace, and a new necklace that I changed last night that was made to showcase the skeleton key that my wonderfully, blissful friend Megs sent me via snail mail (I'll most the new incarnation of the necklace tomorrow in all its glory) and Chanel nail polish which just chipped so I had to fix it. I am drying as I type!


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  1. Brooke, I love seeing your style and fashion! You are gorgeous!! Those apartments look sweet! Hope all is well,


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