Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Buskerfest an Event to Remember

Live Music and Awesome Vendors Who Were Pedaling Their Wares Dirt Cheap!

 This is Cort's dream car! He'll get it when he saved up for his mid-life crisis! ;p

A fun band that is very alt-country, but their name escapes me right now!


First, we checked out Sam Outlaw!

60 Watt Kid started and we went over there so I could dance! 

Then, we went over to see 60 Watt Kid! They were probably my favorite, by far! I gave them most of our wooden nickels.

I fell in love with this cute boutique that wants to feature my designs and jewels. I spent a little bit of money there too. I'll post some outfits that are inspired by and from there soon! They're so glamorous and girlie. I love love love them! The owner is a doll!

Before getting our dinner, we checked out Lola where I bought a ton of awesome new goodies!

The night winds down, so we take our new wares and begin to head towards our home.

We headed to Super Mex on our walk home for awesome, but ridiculously affordable dinner!

Super Mex had a special going so I didn't have to cook and we went home to enjoy a nice take-out meal!

I wore Minetonka, black, suede booties, a homemade, screen-printed skirt, a black, cotton tank (thrifted), a Built By Wendy jacket (borrowed from a friend), and an H&M scarf with my own jewels!

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