Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wedding Bells "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"!

Sweet Virginia, Mountain Mama, Take Me Home!
A Country Road in Sandbridge!
This is my middle brother, Ian and his new wife, Brittany Kippes Lundy, 9/25/11! Congrats! Welcome to the family! My hubby and I traveled back east to VA. Beach for four days filled with family fun and I have the mosquito bights to prove it. It was a hot, humid, sticky, little adventure and rained the whole trip, but it was well worth it! At the wedding I got to bust out some awesome expired, 669 film and play! It rained through the entire ceremony & most of the reception, but it cleared for a few pics! There were two double rainbows on two separate days before the wedding. I even saw a cricket! This couple has luck with them in their marriage for numerous years into their old age! I executed the rehearsal dinner and there are pictures coming soon (Dad put me in charge). I also manned the Mojito station with much assistance from, Cort, who knows how to do math and make drinks for the masses! I was kind of not so good in the math department. It's good to be back in LA, but I will always hold a soft spot in my heart for my home, VA! xo
 This is what airport x-rays do to perfectly good expired film. Lame high powered scanners! ;p
See what I mean?
Aren't they cute? I love little kids at weddings. I always hand them props and fun things happen! They're so darn adorable! Love!

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