Friday, September 30, 2011

Cracks: Reel in this Look

"Cracks", Cinematic Interpretation! 
Translate the look. It's current and wearable!
Chic vintage goodness!
Lovely film, but seriously crazy teacher! She does some damage!
Fiona is hiding in the row boat away from her team and her teacher, Ms. G! She should've stayed hidden. Love the dreamy moment captured here and the crocheted pillows.
Wishing she was doing CPR and not a total kook! Oh well! She looks perfect! Eva Green is a vintage stunner and totally in the now! The looks are relevant, slightly masculine, but still feminine and prim. There is a Grace Kelly thing going on, but only in terms of the fashion! The tone of the film is dark and eery. 
The agoraphobic ventures out, looking marvelous!
Glamour and grace ooze from her. She learned this from books.
I am eating up this cozy sweater with the silky head scarf. Boho.
The girls and Ms. G! I love all the girls splayed out on the stairs like they're so bored. I remember that age. Everything was an adventure, but we always were saying how bored we were. lol!

Translating Film Fiction Into Reality
The look demands flared pants, silky scarves, a trench, blazers, a tie or two, at least one white shirt, mid length chiffon dresses, accessories in gold tones, florals, stripes, satin lingerie, cozy sweaters, a kimono or two, red lipstick and vampy red nail varnish!
"Cracks" Cinema: Reel Become Real!

Lipsy beaded tank top
£38 -

Burberry long coat
$2,140 -

Acne blue pants
£220 -

Miu Miu mary jane pumps
$585 -

Liberty London floral scarve
£125 -

Christian Dior hat
$1,875 -

Liberty London silk shawl
£135 -

Helene Berman beret hat
£55 -

Isotoner bow glove
£10 -

$5.99 -

Essie Lollipop Nail Polish
£9.95 -

Be Goody Pencil No Smoking Cigarette Hb
$2 -


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