Friday, September 9, 2011

do do do doo de de doo bop!

-Heard "Rider's on the Storm" via Fringe-
I love that show and that song!
Double Exposed Sunburst Silhouette

This capsule of photos demonstrates my Friday mood right about now. The song and the electricity, power, shower in the show paired with the song motivated me to post these moody photos from the past weekend. No, there weren't any lightning storms and no, we didn't have any rain, but the photos feel like the weather is off. I like that vintage cameras and film force us to feel! I hope you enjoy! They're fabulous Polacolor 669s that I took with my vintage, Polaroid Land Camera over the holiday weekend in Utah, utilizing expired film from 2001! I am in love with the colors that the film produces. This is my favorite double exposure of my friend, Catie, the designer for Collarbone Jewelry by Catherine Luckett. 

She is amazing and you'll love her jewelry line even more than these blown up photos. Get ready cause I am posting the line next and the two new pieces she graciously gifted me for some traded pieces! Send her an email to find out which boutiques she is selling her wares in locally! 
Bathing Beauties Circa Sunset
Double Exposed Figure: Brick White Picked Fence
Double Exposed Brick Mortar Shadow
xo Love you Catie! <3 u 

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