Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Full Bloom: tasty Tuesday!

-Enjoy Blossom in DTLA! Yummy!-
My happy hubby, enjoying his rare beef steak pho! I drank all his broth when he was done as well as knocking back some sake and my tofu curry and it was delish! We celebrated here, at Blossom, two times and at Mignon two times getting the call saying we are hired, sign the contract, for two new jobs! He is at USC, event planning with the Professional Writing Program and I am at Beverly Hills High teaching Theatre and Producing! Oh the life we will lead. This is an exciting new path and there are changes for both of us on the horizon with time to freelance!
New Denim Dress For a New Occasion! 
BB Dakota Dress and a supple, soft, green Tano bag! Everything else you have seen before. Of course my Quay sunnies, homemade earrings and Jewel Mint Necklace! Shoes are cheap and from the garment/fashion district near Santee in DTLA! I bet I spent $5.99 on them! I now need to buy myself a sweet Dean bag like D did!
 *Happy work week for you worker bees! I have 2 wks of freedom before I start buzzing about and I am using each day wisely to enjoy my spare time and random moments that come and go! Summer.
PS: We're going hiking in Malibu early today so I need to sleep!


  1. i have a chambrey dress but have somehow avoided denim dresses; yours is so darling, i am jealous!


  2. Love that denim dress!!! Totally rocks the CASBAH!!! Have fun in Malibu!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  3. Why thank you ladies! You are too kind and lovely! ;p xo

  4. PS: I Love BeckermanBitePlate!!! You are awesome! xo <3 You guys are off the hook! So cute always on an adventure and it' so fun to watch! ;p


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