Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WTW-WED? Birthday's and the Theatre: styling your dude

-My Hubby Turned 35!- 
And He Landed a Cool New Job at USC! Go Cort!  -We are Both Lions(4 years & 4 Days a part)!-
Outfit #1-What He Wore: Short Sleeved Plaid Shirt: Ben Sherman (his favorite!), Tortoise Shell Prescription Glasses: Polo by-Ralph Lauren (not Ray Ban like his script sunnies)!
I Love my Babesy.
As you can see, we are still rockin' the I Phone a bit longer for our pictures unless we beg, borrow or steal from friends, family and loved ones who like sharing dope cameras. That's how we are deciding what to purchase!
Men's WTW? My Husband is Stylish!
Outfit #2 -What He Wore: T-shirt: Quicksilver, Medium Rinse Jeans: Diesel, Slippers, a wedding ring and his Polo Ralph Lauren signature glasses (refuses contacts, but wants Lasik one day)!
"I like my new FMS shoes, Brooke, just don't take my picture!"
"It's our new french press and that is not cancer on my arm, that's the hipstamatic app on your phone. Look, Brooke, I have a new Lifetime tank. Men wear tanks too, but this is my first one!" He received a lot more presents, so did I, but I am waiting on the pictures from a dear friend before I post my Birthday. I may have to post them though since it's been almost a month. I simply thought camera phone pictures would not do the decorations justice at all. I got crazy! Really crazy! Then, I had to remove a lot before Cort's Birthday since he doesn't love pink so much.
-Dinner Date. I Was Late. Hey, I Make Mistakes-
Then, We Saw This at the Kirk Douglas Theatre
Outfit #3 (4 technically since our tradition is to hold and put on all our presents! Yes, we know that we are dorks!): Instead of slippers and medium rinse denim he upgraded and wore a new Birthday present! Shirt: Aknowledge (yes, that is spelled correctly. Lol!) Prison Stripes, Dark Wash Jeans: Levi's skinny 511s, Yummy Medium Brown Boots: Palladium.
Yummy Mediterranean food from Mezza. The labne was so good!
This is the best dessert ever with orange oil and rose water!
Take two: See that amazing Lebanese wine?
The exterior is colorful and fabulous!
The lovely Kirk Douglas Theater is a keeper!
Happy Birthday! I love you! xo

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  1. The food is pretty great at Mezza in Culver City! 4 Stars! Service 5 Stars! Go check them out!


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