Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday's Mission Was to Chill and Get Better, Now It's a Tactical Tuesday

Still Waiting On the New Camera, but I Delegated the Picture Taking Tasks! Thanks Kris! You Have Saved the Day, Again!
Dress: American Apparel, Red Wide Belt: Anthropologie, 1980s Old School Leather and Suede Jacket: thrifted (Out of the Closet LBC), Black Leather and Dark Wood Wedges with Silver Studs: MIA, Sunnies: Quay, Long Blue Bronze Toned Necklace: Jewel Mint, Short Bullet Casing with Crystal: Etsy (gift from Hubby),Bronze Fringe Earrings: Urban Outfitters (Christmas gift from a former student, Leo), Handmade Hippie Bracelet: Cool Artist at a Craft Sale (IDK sorry)!

From the outside looking into our loft at some of my plants! A new perspective is kind of intriguing. Hmm...deep thoughts.

I am way too cool here. What?

Enjoy your day and find a way to deal with absolutely anything whether it's easy or difficult. Life is all about the journey, not the destination or we wouldn't have any fun in this lovely world! 

Happy Birthday to the Lady Whom I Call Mom!
Molten Double Chocolate Lava Cake for You!
Happy Birthday, Mom! You're 56 and not a day over 30! Play, pretend, bake and create! Love your day! I love you and miss you tons! Kisses from CA to UT! I hope you go get a facial and take yourself to lunch and enjoy like we did on this day! You deserve it! Do it! Smooch! ;D xoxo-Brooke
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  1. Happy birthday to your Mom :) I love your outfit by the way :)

    I am following you now! I hope you do too.
    Hope to hear more of you soon :)


  2. I am indeed. Thank you so much and i am so sure my mom will feel appreciated! ;D


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