Friday, August 5, 2011

A Bit of Fun and Favorites on a Fancy Free Friday!

-First Post this Friday- 
Friday Favorites: Sales

Too Many Designer Sales and Affordable Things!
Weekend Sale Round Up:
1.) Boy By Band of Outsiders at Gilt: affordable sale items! Very nice transitional items that will take you straight from summer into fall with poise & style, gracefully. Rock it or be inspired.

2.) Catherine Malandrino Gorgeousness awaits you at Gilt or Net a Porter. The sales are way too good to be true. I am in Love!

3.) Vera Wang Silk Swag Boy Shorts are AMAZING over at Gilt, but there is only size 4 left so go get them if you are that size! They're hot! Sizzlin' sexy and superbly cut for a perfect fit and look to mix with numerous closet staples. I want them, but alas I am not a size 4 and even though the price is so silly crazy cheap at $79., I have overspent way to much on a pair of shoes, pilates classes and a chemical peel. Oopsie doops! 

Perfect. Right? Now you are feeling me! I love these. Buy them and send me a picture of you wearing so I can turn green with envy instead of red from chemical peeling. Lol!

3.) Accessories and SHOES over at Gilt are so amazing and so affordable too! Shoes, Omg. Shoes, Omg. SHOES, OMG! Let's get 'em!




4.) Forever 21 Sale Items! The items are affordable and will incorporate into almost any outfit in any wardrobe. There are great basics and some interesting statement pieces! 


PS: Menswear can be bought by a woman or borrowed from your man and these types of staples are fantastic items to add into every woman's closet! I borrow from my hubby all the time, but I also buy from the men's department when my hubby starts complaining that I stained or stretched something of his out! It's a lot easier to be on the other side of the argument and let him do the begging! Buying vests, skinny ties and men's cardigans because they are fabulous and blend seamlessly into my look even when I'm wearing girlie items is pretty cool. The hard edge works to toughen up an outfit into a look that isn't too saccharine sweet. It's all about the balance of the tough with the girlie and not going too far in either direction when mixing in the actual men's clothing.

These could use a bit of a custom alteration for a cleaner fit. I would do that myself. I think they're just a bit too wide and not the greatest silhouette from below the knee to the ankle.

5.) This is what's in my shopping cart from the epic sale at Urban Outfitters! You should definitely check it out since it's a really good sale with cute items! Go check out Urban's sales!
6.) I am loving these for our home from Swirl by Daily Candy. They're symbols of Longevity by the brand, Market, Street and you can get a set of 2 for $15.00! Check the whole line up out over there! Cute and amazing smelling soy candles that are great for the environment! I already ordered mine. 
Friday Favorites: I Love Music

-Fleet Foxes-

-Fleet Foxes-
"Grown Ocean"
I Love Fleet Foxes and Hope You Do or Will Too!

Later Today on this Footloose and Fancy Free Friday Expect to See...
More Fashion, Food & Finished Projects! Experience the Fun!


  1. I wish I would have bought those Vera Wang shorts. Dang it!

  2. What a great collection! I really love that first jacket.

    ♥ Gina Michele

  3. Just saw you on the Shine Project! Love your blog!! Im the owner of Mode chic! I love what you wrote about my shop Thanks!!!

  4. Great! I am going to put a post together about the Shine project for Monday's Mission! I was asking if I could. I am so glad you're cool with it. I am slowly gaining followers and then I plan to use my ramblings, journal, creativity, inspiration and thoughts from this blog that are mostly to push myself as a platform. I am amping up to gain friends and followers because I am planning on launching a unique community partnership that serves under served, at risk families with kids that are in grades Pre-K through H.S., ages infant-18 kids, single moms and whole families!

    I plan to enlist fellow artists and educators on my quest (yes, I am still in the development stage) to assist in educational events/workshops with a few FIDM trained designers running multiple fashion shows (DIY fashion, budget & thrift store) throughout the day! The events will include scheduled workshops at tents that are set up in a circle and have sign up sheets for various classes that could also be pre-registered on line. I would want all the events to be free to people that qualify for the project due to low income, unemployment, foreclosure or meeting the criteria for being at risk. Let me explain further in an email!


  5. Those vera wang shorts are dreamy though i wouldn't mind -- oh let's see -- every single piece you posted!

    The Pink Monocle


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