Thursday, August 11, 2011


-Love is Blue With White Stripes-
Top:MinkPink,Skirt:Forever 21, Heels: Arturo Chiang, Vintage Rhinestone Clip:gift from dear friend, Long layered chain necklace:The Extras, Plate bib necklace:Cheap Monday, Black Rhinestone Bracelets and crystal layered bracelets:The Extras, Leather Bracelets (layered):$.50 DTLA fashion district, Earrings:
Two questions I ask myself while bleary eyed are quite relevant. Anybody sick of camera phones yet? Can Sleeves Make a Top Romantic?

I wore this to Cort's Birthday night out, his choice!


  1. Lovely. You seem to enjoy life and all it's wonders.

  2. Yes, interesting sleeves can definitely make tops & dresses romantic. Cute pics. Nice sleeves!

  3. I do love life! Fun is the way life is supposed to be!!! xo


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