Sunday, August 14, 2011

On Top of it All

-Featuring, Julia, Playing Pictures-
On the Blackstone Rooftop, home, and by the way, (clearing throat) the Yelp reviews lie!
All photos, snapped courtesy of Kris Kibodeaux, my unofficial adopted son, of his lovely lady, Julia! She is breathtaking! Styling, clothes and location were all provided by yours truly!
She wore-Shirt:Truly Madly Deeply (Urban Outfitters, Skirt:Apostrophe (T) MEP, Bracelets:pink lucite (a gift from an amazing girlfriend),yellow lucite (Cute boutique in VA. bought back in the day), Necklaces:Modified Hello Kitty Locket on a silver dog tag (gift from hubby from toy store w/ chain DIY), turquoise beading, silver and crystal necklace:gifted by an awesome former student DJ for our Holiday Show under $5 surprise, secret santa, gift exchange, Ring & Shoes: Julia's, Watch:Julia's own, as well, Tattoos are hers too!
Don't look down if you're afraid of heights! Or Jump if you're into that sort of thing! Bungees anyone?
She also wore-An amazing Hot pink circa 1980s Romper (via Buffalo Exchange)! She loved it so much that she almost took it home. (Maybe when I grow out if it)! She wore the same accessories except I changed out the necklaces for two cool ones I made last summer that are gold toned with natural stones, an old key (thanks Megs!) and crystals! The feet went bare so she could play and do handstands on the roof since that's the only way to roll!
Our stoop!
-Playful Up Do Utilizing Feathers and Braids-
If you're on top of the world (on the roof) you have to put your hair in an up do! Well, you don't but it's fun and that weave needed something done to it to make her locks look more au natural. I got crazy with this intricate look that is meant to be messy and purposeful! I think I spent some time on this! I should've added some feather hair wraps to her natural hair underneath the feather fascinators that I made on the fly and the black, rhinestone clip that was a Birthday gift from my mom, last year! Overall, we both loved and were pleased. I love doing hair, make-up and styling, but she does not need a stitch of make-up! She looks like herself without the camouflage of male-up & can pull it off with poise, elegance and ease. 
Thank you to both Julia and Kris! You two rock my socks off! I love you both more than you know! You are super talented, amazing, unique, little, young adults! I love you two kidlets! Keep the inspiration and creativity coming! And Julia, I will play dress-up any day you come over and play! xo

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