Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday's Thrills: Red Hot Heart Sunnies Make Any day Brighter

I am Always Thrilled by Anything Girlie, Like Heart Sunnies and Tribal Dresses! You?
 Dress: Forever 21, Watch: Oak, Coral and Turqoiuse Necklace: Made by Yours Truly (me), Hand Made Embroidered Bag: vintage trade, Sunnies: gift from my hubby, Sandals: Arturo Chiang, Jean Jacket: circa 1990s Esprit from thrift store.

A View From Our Stoop Outside Our Window!
Thanks for the pics, Kris!

Check out all the new posts coming soon. I am about to have my own camera back very soon and it's better! I hope you don't mind these fun twilight shots taken at home in DTLA! 

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