Thursday, August 18, 2011

Krazy is Cool!

Kris is Awesome and Check Out His Style!
This is my adopted son! I get to choose him! Isn't he adorable and all grown up? I think he is such a talent (smart, funny and unique)! He is also a remarkable photographer! I appreciate that he helps me out by taking a few shots for me here and there and they're beautiful! I will share a few, but you need to go to his flickr site and check him out yourselves because he is so cool!
Isn't he just cute as a button! Julia, his girlfriend, I featured earlier this week, but I thought I would give them their own posts since they are both so magnanimous! Julia took all photos above!
Above are a few of the shots he took that evening! And they are only some of the breadth of his work! Like I said, check out his work on Flickr and know there is more coming! 

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