Thursday, July 14, 2011


Olivia and Zulma
One of my favorite, best friends of all time, Zulma, recently had a new and most darling baby girl, Olivia. This is a song I want to dedicate to them both because I heard it while driving the other morning and it made me think of them and it made me ponder the relationship they're going to have throughout their lives. Imagine how much work it is to be a single mother of a daughter and the heeps of trust required to maintain a respectful, loving and trusting relationship through until college and past that! Mothers and daughters are seriously close knit in a super special bond through generations of traditions, recipes and random behavior/mannerisms.

The Generationals
This band is playing tonight in LA at the Echo if anyone's interested. They're pretty rad! The song is "Trust" from their new album, Actor/Caster! 
Since Thursdays are my think days there is more inspiration coming soon.




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