Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Desert

A couple of lovely girls and I decided to head to the desert to camp over the fourth of July weekend! It was quite lovely. I am naturally a very hot blooded person, but the food, rabbits and lizards made it work. I also scored a cool cow hide rug and endure a lavish spa treatment at the Ace hotel after downing a few cocktails. Ixchel, as always made the desert into a freaking party, a trip! 
  Jasmin is enjoying the sun and the pool.
Snuggling on a tuft.

 Ixchel's  bourbon face in lukewarm water

My new friend
This is the only time of day to really do anything active besides water related fun since it feels nice and breezy out at sundown and you can explore without feeling like you are sweltering in hell itself! Plam Springs and Joshua Tree are two lovely places that I'll be visiting soonish, like fall or winter. I want to be there when it actually cools down to normal temperatures and gets really cold at night! I love that! 

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