Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday's Stake Out: stalking Sushi-Gen in a new dress!

-Worn to Stalk Sushi-Gen on Mission: Little Tokyo-
Dress: altered vest (found in the outskirts of the fashion district at an overstock store in a men's sz. 4XL...YIKES), Laced Stiletto Booties: Guess from Norstroms, Bracelet Black Leather Clutch-J crew circa 2003, Jewelry: layered multi-colored metal necklace-The Extras from Karmaloop, Attached Jade and Knotted Buddha Charm- found at a trinket shop in Little Tokyo, A turquoise and Jade Buddha Necklace-gifted (from step-mother) high end designer, Turquoise Feather Earrings-gifted by my hubby from EVE in LBC, Sunnies: Quay, Noir Feathered Rosette Hair Fascinator: Self Made from a satin ribbon rose, hot glue and three long black feathers secured with a bobby pin, Red Hair, courtesy of my own Wella color mix of dark auburn and deep cherry with 10 volume developer & Nail Polish-Essie Petal Pink!

-"I want to go to there!" by, Liz Lemon on 30 Rock-
I ate the delicious appetizers (cucumber seaweed sunomono, miso soup, seaweed salads, fried salmon skin salad with a organic spring mix and sprouts etc.)! I received my sashimi deluxe platter, rice, tempura & sauce, and my hubby received his sushi deluxe platter so we were ready to feast. Right there, I have my soy sauce in hand to mix with wasabi. I ate fresh ginger that wasn't dyed pink (right!) and my palate was cleansed and ready to enjoy the freshest way fish in all of Los Angeles! Yelp was correct and Sushi-Gen lived up to all the all the hype, supposed long wait lists and ridiculously "perfect sashimi & sushi" expectations! The chefs were cheerful all night long, singing and chanting as they received high tips and when they served special dishes to the customers sitting at the bar (who were willing to eat and pay for whatever the sushi chefs' made for their delighted customers)! Our server was so sweet and pleasant was quick on her feet and always checked to make sure we were satisfied and enjoying our choices. She explained the menu with expertise as well as the portions. There weren't a gimmicks, hype or up-sales on her end and I personally appreciate that aspect of the service.

 In college, I worked numerous years as a server in upscale and in mid-range restaurants. I loathed being forced to up-sell crappy food/specialty drinks or price pointed not discounted items on are menu or not. Additionally, I hated the gimmicks unless they were truly special cuts of fresh fish, interesting scallops or tuna that came in because the chef got lucky, went fishing or his friends did. Sometimes specials were cool because the sous chef or the chef went to a mid-week farmer's market on a whim and found something extremely special, fresh and in season. This can also happen if an employee working at the restaurant or the chef's garden started exploding with way too many vegetables or fruit and then those specials mean something. That's why you ask questions and determine if the special is actually special. 

Occasionally, restaurants run weekly specials and they purposefully order extra of the ingredients to meet the special's requirements each night. That is not really a special but a price pointed weekly meal plan that is a restaurant gimmick. I think why isn't on the dang menu. Good lord! Otherwise, avoid specials at like the plague unless you are at the most upscale, highly reviewed, perfect palace of a restaurant or you will be unimpressed my mediocre, at best, or miserable food that is rarely fresh and basically tasteless.  That's the American way! 

Fortunately, most ethnic restaurants do not subscribe toe following philosophy! Moreover, no matter how cheap and how much food. Up-sales and specials are meant to clean out the older items in the cooler and I hate when the server gets stuck trying to beg us to buy these things and trying to up-sell drinks and things probably don't not want or that the second in command is still developing as his signature dish when the chef has a night or lunch off. Don't fall for it. Cort and I always know what we want and usually end up making good decisions. We tend to ask if we have questions as expert foodies! This was not a problem at Sushi-Gen. We avoided the lines and made a reservation early (over two weeks before) and we were ten minutes late and there were no problems!

-Costume-Long Sought After Asymmetrical LBD-

-A Light-Weight Sweater Dress, a DIY!-
To make the dress I pinned the shape I wanted around my figure. I took it off, cut straight down the edge where the seam was, put the dress right side together by folding it over, I created asymmetrical sleeves and sewed up the sides leaving tiny slits that are different lengths on each side of the sheath. The finished product is streamlined, classy, sensible and comfortable. I love it, a lot! Make one if you like to sew. This is the easiest DIY projects I have ever completed and I complete a lot, including customized tailoring work! Do it! You know you want to. I can re-do and video when I get a camera and post it on Vimeo for you on here if there's interest! Keep me posted!

I have a slight cold and the camera situation is a bit murky until it's replaced. I am on a hot trail for a nice new canon rebel, but expect some posts next week to be the bare bones basics (i phone pics & hipstmatics). Posting may be a bit spotty until I am feeling less yucky, eew! Thanks for your following and to all the new buzz that's being generated! I am so grateful for your genuine interest and your nice comments! You are appreciated! It's still Saturday! I made it! Phew! Take time to enjoy a fabulous week all! xoxo
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  1. Think it's great you know the food biz! Dont want to get sick on old sushi or sashimi! Love your red hair. Geeze, I wonder why?

  2. Love the red hair & pics if yummy food.

  3. Oh trust me, i would love to go to LA but I think it will be a bit too expensive since I dont think my parents would support me going to LA :D.
    LA sounds like a great place though, maybe later! :)


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