Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday's Mission: investigate color

Investigating: color

Each Monday I will choose a theme to investigate and bring you articles and inspiration on that theme throughout the day. Mondays are all about the mission and the investigation so the posts will be spread through the entire day. Let's begin!

Color Blocking: my take in Polyvore

Color blocking

Color Blocking Continued
Anthropologie's Newest Color Mixed/Blocked Summer Website Promo: found this morning.

Other's Ideas

Color Mixing
Color Mixing with prints and textures

Other's Ideas

So we all know that color is hot for summer or we get hot for color in the summer. Either way, is it something that can transfer to our interiors or is color and pattern mixing a better way to go? We've seen the black and white color blocked homes, but that feels a bit too stark and simple for my taste. I have to get it out there. I am addicted to color and I tend to like layers of textures and patterns in my living space. It makes me feel like my space is more lived in and it's trickier to do. Additionally, this is more of a reflection of how I dress. 

Stay tuned!

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  1. these outfits are really gorgeous,lovely blog


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