Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Too Cool

On the Stoop

It's ArtWalk tomorrow in Downtown LA and our apartment complex/lofts throws a giant party with free drinks (maybe I should keep this one a secret. Anyways, there's a huge event here with a cool new artist and I am contemplating whether or not to re-paint my nails a fierce, summery color to offset the geometric, Theory dress that I want to wear. Hmm? The questions that we ladies ponder that may take up so much time in our lives. I guess I can do that and watch British tv show episodes on Netflix and get the best of both worlds, or I could research apartment shares on the Central Coast for a fun trip North bound! We shall see.

Silk Shirt: vintage consignment store, Skirt: DKNY, Shoes: ARTURO CHIANG, Sunnies: Quay, Purse: vintage gift, Jewelry: vintage, gifted and thrifted, Necklace: made by me SPOOK


  1. great outfit!
    you look great!

  2. Follow me and I am going to follow you! This is fun! I like your stuff too lady! ;p <3


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