Monday, July 25, 2011

Set-Up on Sunday: our loft's interior & the inspiration

-Our Loft, Our Home-A Project & Our Work in Progress-

These absolutely are not working with our new space. the colors are all wrong and I need to add some interest with stripes to our couch, chairs and love seat. I already updated the bedroom with the red and white pillows, but these two floral throws above are next. I have chosen the fabric, cut and designed them. I'll sew them this week.

The updated bedroom pillows. I think they brighten up the space a  lot. Sorry it's a blurry photo. I really need that new camera. This is getting ridiculous.

-The Inspiration-
There are a lot of similar components going on in that space. The hide rug, the natural wood colors and washes, a variety of textures, the rustic juxtaposed with ultra sleek modern and the abundance of slick white. We are simply missing stripes and our space desperately deems stripe support to be the appropriate and most simple fix. I plan to set-up the striped pillows and show them to you by next Sunday at the very latest. Wednesday, I celebrate my birthday and I know that I already plan on keeping myself very busy celebrating the entire week. I have Birthday related plans and a grown up, champagne, tea, crafts, treats and delicious foodie inspired, super girly, fancy, Happy Un-Birthday Party slated for all day Wednesday at our loft! This is followed by a wine bar excursion with all our guys since the day-time party is girls only! I hope to finish the stripe swap out before the party, but I am doing a load of decorating too. I have paper lanterns to hangs, food to prepare & planning to passionately ponder! 

I always include clothing when seeking inspiration for a color scheme in our interior in addition to simply interior visual images. I like to combine and blend things I like so I get a fuller sense of what I am aiming for in our interior's look. Dressing onself is so similr to dressing the bones of one's home!

-The Set-Up for the Swap Out-
This is the stripe I am bringing into our space. The before picture is just below along with the step by step progress one needs to know to make your own throw pillows.

The way our window seat is right now, but won't be for much longer. We need a change. The striped fabric above and below will be integrated into out loft's look this week. I am setting you up for the change. I sure wish I would have documented the massive changes in the living, dining, kitchen, bathroom, and especially are bedroom! I overhauled the color scheme completely from an olive green, mustard, rusted orange, off-white, yellow and black all over to this new color scheme. I made the transition before we moved, but I have not accomplish a fully cohesive look in the color composition I am working with now. 

Obviously, the loft allowed me to choose my paint colors and that has made a world of difference. The color on the walls anchors the space and allows me to work from there. I have added and removed pieces since we have been here, but it keeps getting better. Before, in the former palette, I felt trapped and nothing ever came together seamlessly the way I wanted it.  Currently, we are working with the following colors: Dark slate gray, light gray, crisp clean bright white with sheen, light blue, pale yellow, turquoise (sparingly in four areas), bright orange (in two painting), red (as an accent in the bedroom only contrasting with navy blue and white), slick shiny black and a paisley print that integrates two shades of green and the former colors (moss and sage) are used sparingly on the pillows only. At the bottom, I will pull the swatches for you to see how the colors are paired in each specific area.  


So, I got the machine out and began ironing the hems for the openings. I will sew them tomorrow! Now, you have a great set-up and know that you get to see the final product!


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  2. Why thank you sweetie. Your blog is pretty dang dope too. You're just lovely. God I need to get a new camera. I am going insane. Has that ever happened to you, a camera break down?

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