Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tactical Tuesday's

 Shopping Smart
Being a fashionista requires a lot of spending to buy the perfect shoe or bag or what not. All of these refined fripperies add up to a frenzied fee if one is not smart. This tuesday is all about the tactics and tips of shopping sales and shopping smart! I have a lot of hints and places I frequent online to ensure I stay within my budget and still feel glamorous! I will share a few of my favorite tactics and tips for shopping sales and being frugal with you today!

The sales and brands change all the time, but once you become a member it's an everyday sample sale that occurs in your own home. This online site emails you each time there is a new sale on a new brand or theme. I love this site and find shoes and dresses here quite often!


On Left: Karen Zambos-Aiden Dress $79.00 was $275.00
On Right: Karen Zambos-Charlie Dress $79.00 was $290.00



    Crepe De Chine-Cap Sleeve Dress $89.00 was $278

    Love Token-Beaded Sleeveless Dress in Red $89.00 was $212

    T Los Angeles - Blouson T-Shirt $19.00 was $65.00

    Sam and Lavi - Contrast t-shirt $19.00 was $95.00

Sam and Lavi - Cargo Capri $19.00 was $95.00

Cynthia Vincent - Mason Wedges $99.00 were $350.00

    Boutique 9 - About It Sandals $59.00 were $150.00

Boutique 9 - Cut Out Oxfords $49.00 were $130.00


On Left: Bormioli Rocco-Misura Carafe 33¾ oz. Set of 2 $10.00 was $14.00
On Right: Bormioli Rocco-Kufra Pitcher 6 Piece Set $19.00 was $25.00


Borrmiolo Rocco-Sorgente Cooler $9.00 was $13.00

Bormiolo Rocco-Inca Charger - Fuchsia Glass Set of 6-Sky$30.00 were $42.00

Other online loves when hunting down a shopping deal include Karmaloop, Plundr, Amazon, Nordstrom Rack, Nordstroms' Sales and Gilt Groupe.

       You have to be a member of both PLNDR and Gilt Groupe as Daily Candy, but it's totally worth it. I find $10 designer skirts, dresses, tops and even shoes on PLNDR. You can bundle coupon codes and rep. codes by googling codes and coupons before you check out to get deeply discounted items even more deeply discounted. I save at least $200-$300 on each purchase through Karmaloop and PLNDR just by using coupon codes and because the merchandise is highly discounted already. Karmaloop is PLNDR's parent site and they have a lot of great accessories, edgy new designers and amazingly cute sunnies all the time. A lot of the stuff looks like it's from 80s purple and they carry RVCA Wear. A lot of times this site can be deceiving and something will be sold out and not say it. You simply get bounced back to the first page. This is very frustrating and requires some serious shopping patience. Keep your head about you and your cool.

       I go to Amazon after I have already found an item I love that is designer on places like Net a Porter and look up the same or similar items. Most of the time, the same item will be a fraction of the price and deeply discounted. It's a blast. I always do this with watches, purses and designer shoes! I have a cart full of items and I am just waiting for my Birthday check from my dad to purchase them. Same goes at Daily Swirl.

      I love the Rack and I love Nordstroms online as much as I love Barnies, but on a teacher's budget I can't always splurge at these stores or at even Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie. I do shop their sales, but I enjoy going in person to the rack much more. I think you have to dig and look for items that have been discounted more or re-soled after a return to achieve the best deals at the Rack. I get Haute Hippy, Marc Jacobs, Trina Turk, Sam Edelmen, Dolce Vita, Theory and a lot of the gorgeous clothes that are supposed to be in the Collector's department. While I enjoy visiting Barnies and Saks,  I deplore the settings at almost all Nordy's since they are muted, under decorated and never looking their best. I don't appreciate that in a store that sells supposed designer goods. So, I shop Nordstrom's online because it's organized and I don't have to deal with the mess that I handle at the rack at a supposed luxury store. 

     Anyways, I highly suggest online shopping and exploring Ebay as an option for your shopping needs when you're exploring designer goods and want a deal. I bought my wedding dress on ebay because I love a great deal. Additionally, if you live in LA and you have access to the fashion district you have to know your exact stores to visit or else you'll be stuck in a mess. Visit the overstock stores and dig or you won't find a discovery at all. The trashy stores that are in the fashion district proper are overpriced and contain really low quality off trend, cheesy clothing. You find the true deals at Los Angeles just off the 10 FWY. Additionally, the fabric, bead and trim stores are fantastic and reasonably priced. The creative seamstress types will love that part of DTLA garment district to find all their needs to make clothing, jewelry or pretty much anything! I go often to find my crafting needs are met. 

     Vintage shops in Echo park and Long Beach are fantastic options for deal hunting. I also love thrift stores in those areas. I find fantastic deals and love exploring even the dingiest of places if I know that's what I am getting into. Happy Shopping all and I hope you enjoy the journey as I do. Definitely check out PLNDR, Karmaloop and Swirl by Daily Candy ASAP! Have fun! ;D

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