Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Thrills: ArtWalk

Private Party: residents only until 10:00!

-I Spy Some Thrills at ArtWalk in DTLA-
Free drinks, full bar and comfy seats in the lobby all night long. Oh, Ps, there's a new installation in the gallery and this one cannot be missed. I made a new friend, a painter, with loads of talent. Her medium is mainly oil, but she likes acrylic and photography. Her artwork was most impressive as was the photography installation, but I was unable to meet that fantastic chica. If you like art that looks like the past is melded with the future and you love the female form you will enjoy her work. Introducing, Angelina Christina. Her next show is July 23rd at the Premiere Events Center 613 Imperial St. L.A., CA.! Check her out here, Create:Fixate presents "Stop:Pause:Now". Wait, she seems to be a jack of all trades. Me likes! Girl play date must be set up soon to see her lovely work and make creations together!

This is my favorite besides the two works she was still painting. It looks like a modern day princess like Marie Antoinette caught in an alien space craft and held in a dream state (eyes open because it's creepy sci-fi like that) until they're (the aliens) ready to awake her and unite her with their alien Prince & a kiss.

I love this guy. She definitively deeply knows and understands all the depth and layers of complexity that make up this man's soulfulness and character. He seems to be depicted in all his various moods.

On the Left is a work in progress that she was painting while waiting and in between chats with guests or potential clientele. To the right was one of the pieces in the installation, I am so terrible for forgetting to write down the names of the paintings. Party foul, but I promise I will make it up to her later!

Silk Patterned Dress: Theory, Rhinestone Blazer: BCBG Max Azria, Shoes: Arturo Chiang, Purse: gifted, Jewelry: Nervous System and The Extras layered chains and my wedding rings, but of course, Nail Polish: Essie petal pink! 

There's my babesy shooting with our little digital . Yesterday, it broke so it's time to break out the big guns! I will be posting photos with the Iphone until we upgrade and buy a new camera! Sad day and bad timing since I work as a teacher for LAUSD and I'm a laid-off lady substitute temporarily/for the summer (PS: this is my life every year for three years. I get laid off every summer and brought back in the fall. It's a pain.) and my hubby just finished his MFA and has not found a job that will pay him regularly. He is freelancing and that will pay off pretty well in the future so we just have to be patient and good things will happen to our team soon because we've got some talent and the brains to back it! Be patient an stay tuned for the bigger better camera and all the lovely pictures that will be on here soon. It will be blissful after looking through all the iphone shots for the next couple of weeks of punishment! I apologize in advance, but I am grateful that new things and better things, like a new camera are coming for our Birthday's next week!

-Some of my Favorites of the Evening's Art-
Love this!

and this!

Most of the art was fun & playful, but the juxtaposition of how the artwork was poised on opposite ends of the space to bring in the this cruel, unusual & hopeful works with the grown up saccharine sweet was definitely a cool choice. So very hipster and DTLA! Lol!

-Fairy Tales-

Lovely art installation of adult fairy tales, adult Disney & adult comics. The political pieces are very evocative. I loved the graphic detailed pen and ink work as I enjoyed the acrylic shapes so carefully created on a wood boards.

-My New Neighbor and His Admirable Street Art in Charcoal-

He's a gift. His work has been featured in a lot of local papers and watching him work leaves one absolutely awestruck. I am happy to have neighbors like this. DTLA is dope! He captures each persons' eyes and ones' soul impeccably!

So dope! I love his work. She is captured forever. Lovely. Numerous diverse folks captured that night.

*Events Coming Soon to the LA:
Tonight: Grand Performances (Btw, they host a lot of other events for $0/free!)!- Kosher Dill Pickle Making Lessons with an actual Kosher Rabbi giving the orders and the recipes, BloomFest, The first Ever Unique LA Summer arts, fashion & craft Show!

I intend to keep a running list of LA events' in my posts. I'll find numerous exhilarating, intriguing, inspirational & memorable things to do LA! We can explore a variety of museums, hiking trails, rooftop pools, hidden stairways, take classes, join fun groups & see live theater all over town because LA is an amazing city to spy on! As a spook, my mission is to get people out there enjoying their surroundings, creating and loving how they live their lives. I'll keep em' coming!

 *Live Music and Killer Bands That You Should Check Out if You're in LA:
*This week: Thur 7/21: Spaceland Under the Stars-Tony Santee Claws @ Pershing Square & @ the Echo Parenthetical Girls, Sat, 7/23 Funky Soul Night @ the Echo $ Free Show 

*Coming Soon: Crystal Antlers @ the Echo, The Cults @ the Echo, Dub Club @ the Echoplex, 7/28 Spaceland Under the Stars-Geronimo Getty @ Pershing Square, The Fuse @ the Echo, Deerhunter @ the Wiltern, Sia @ the Wiltern & Ellie Goulding @ the Wiltern.

*Live Music Links:
For More Echo and Echoplex Show Information and Other Bands Coming Your Way Use This Link!
For Shows at the Wiltern or Any Shows Ticketed by Live Nation at Big Amphitheaters Use This Link!

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