Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday and I am Fancy Free!

Today=Super Duper Dope Day! 
Mission Accomplished by this Style spy! 

Wearing-Skirt: I.N.C., Top: C&C, Sandals: designer knock offs from some el cheapo store in DTLAs fashion district, Sunnies: Vintage gift from American Apparel, Jewelry/Necklace: My own design and execution, Lipstick-Chanel.

Long Beach Exploration for a Farmer's Market or at Least Good Quality Local Produce
Found at a Great Mexican Market That Actually Has Organic, Local Selections! 
Hooray for El Super!

I Plan to make us cactus paddles with really delicious corn, cilantro, lime and queso fresco! Yummy! 

This is what I wore shopping and exploring, but this is not the store. It was the coolest location I could find to shoot photos at even after exploring most of the neighborhood. It was a bit rough around the edges (dodgy) for my tastes, but my husband loves it. He's hooked. What can I say? The man loves a killer deal as much as I and I am a sucker for a brick wall and decent light! Happy Weekend!

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  1. Love your look! Great skirt and jewelry, so chic!!! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  2. Love the entire outfit, simple yet chic!!!Amazing shoes!

  3. I love short hair, and think that your cut is awesome! Plus, very fun outfit. Great photos, and it's good that your husband and you are big on deals! You can save in our scary economy! The Internet Garbage


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