Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby: Route 246 for a scrumptious meal

Forced the hubby to enjoy some fine dining at Route 246 for his Birthday and I think he was impressed! 

If you're ever in Solvang, CA. be sure to stop at the highly recommended establishment that has a seasonally created local menu that varies weekly, depending upon the produce at the farmer's market. What a treat and delight and the service is impeccable. I was dazzled by our extremely knowledgeable server!

Bread and a artisanal cheese plate. Heaven on earth in my mouth.

My favorite cheese was a blend of sheep's, cow's, and goat's milk with a firm rind. However the cheese itself was soft. It went well with the honey. The hubby liked the blue cheese (Of course... He always does!) with the raspberry balsamic reduction drizzled on top of the soft bread with the creamy textured cheese.

The hubby's birthday feast. He chose the rainbow trout over a nest of mixed green beans, white and garbanzo beans. It tasted great (he shared). I liked the nutty flavor of the almonds crushed on top with a bit of chervil. It balanced well with the beans and the roasted garbanzos. 

This is my meal, a goat cheese ravioli with a mixed squash stew like sauce and tomato foam. This seriously blew me away. I loved the delicate mix of button squash playing off the tomatoes and basil pesto.

The double fudge cake with creme, chocolate mouse, and caramel/butterscotch ice cream was devoured too quickly for a decent photo. I sang to him, quietly (he's shy)and afterwards it was gone. 

Look at that wine selection. Pure heaven for a connoisseur like me. I chose a nice Viogner to start (by the glass) and we ordered a wonderful Rose. I was the designated driver so I only had two staggered glasses with a lot of food to soak it all up.

What I Wore:
Shoes- Knock off Chloe's from Nordstrom's
Dress- Arden B. (altered to fit perfectly)
Tuxedo Jacket- Laundry by Shelly Siegal
Clutch- Moyna with thrifted panther pin
Jewels- my own creation and a thrifted Lucite bracelet
Scarf- Birthday gift from two dear friends, Sean and Samantha (not sure of the label or the boutique)

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