Monday, August 9, 2010

San Francisco With Meg, Eating Sushi and Drinking From a Party Bowl

Happy Birthday Party for Meg With an Asian Theme

Cort posed with us and a kindly stranger snapped this picture and for once I have a shot with my hubby in it. Serendipitously, he is not behind the camera or all by himself without me. I love group shots! We did try to sandwich him in the middle of us girlies, but he looked frightened for his life! I think it was because Meg and I were being a little bit perverted and dirty. We are playful. What else can I say about that?

We found a bed to jump on and play like children for about ten minutes. Then, we modeled with trash! Silly girls! 

We traded dresses and ate until we could barely move, much less walk. Why suffer for fashion when you can look cute and eat too. The sushi bar was so cute even with a ridiculous name, Drunken Sushi! Meg got to make two wishes since Cort missed the first time around! So, we staged it! Hip hip hooray!

Off to the Bar!


It's just simply too funny that Meg and I both just happened to be wearing the same nail polish at the same time and we both messed our nails up while waiting for them to dry on two completely different days! Serendipity is just all over the place in San Francisco.

The bar and the bar tender were even better! The guy working the door was actually reading a book and not checking out the meat. He was very sweet and shared a passage from the novel that made me shiver with glee. I want a tattoo that addresses what was scripted, "I want you encased within my skin forever in love and passion". Additionally, we enjoyed the local architecture and utilized the local beauty of almost each and every homes' exteriors for our photos! I could live there even though this was the coldest summer since 1904 and we were literally freezing.

 Totally Blitzed: a night done right thanks to Meg and Cort!

What We Wore:

Shoes- brown suede slouch boots(her own and bought on sale)
Leggings- her own layered leggings from Target nd Urban Outfitters (2 pairs does the trick)
Dress- A.P.C. black silk dress (Nordstrom's on deep sale)
Scarf- her own and I'll ask where she found it, but it's probably from Ross!
Sweater- her own and also probably from a discount store. She's a discount hound dog!
Coat- her own faux fur, but I still need to ask her where she foun it!
Jewels- My own designs and executions
Bag: I will ask because this bag is lovely and simple and pulls the whole look together into a native, bohemian look. I am impressed with Meg's impeccable personal style.

Shoes- Black wedges/chloe knock offs (Nordstrom's on deep sale)
Leggings- two pairs of layered tights (target) and ribbed tight on top (Urban Outfitters)
Dress- Newly gifted green with hand beading on cotton with eyelet trim (Serendipity)
Sweater- Meg's
Leather Jacket- 1980s Wilson's biker leather coat with tons of style and comfort (thrifted)
Scarf- gifted from Sam and Sean, our neighbors, who babysat our demon related cat while we were out playing (from a local, Long Beach Boutique)
Feather Facsinator- My own design and handy-work
Jewels- My own designs and executions
Clutch- gold hand beaded Moyna clutch with a fun vintage panther pin attached for extra sparkle.

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