Saturday, August 21, 2010

Maxing and Relaxing by the Pool in San Diego

The Marina Pacifica in San Diego Makes for a Perfect Day, Complete With Peace and Quiet by the Pool!

Yes, our bathing suits compliment each other, but they don't exactly match. Actually, all of his trunks have a complimentary bathing suit on my end so we go together. I am officially a nerd and a half, but we all already knew that!

Cort loves to sleep by the pool. He is in a state of pure bliss.

Patriotic red, white and blues!

 Gingham is a good thing. I am certain that Martha Stewart would agree with me on this topic.

I may have gained a little bit from eating too much amazing, gourmet food on both vacations. I better begin my good eating habits and exercise routine again, STAT! 

Lovely boats floating on clear blue water by the bay at the marina.

Kicking back in a hammock by the bay! Good bye San Diego! We will miss you, but we'll be back soon for sure.
We returned to this darling, floppy, kitty, Bianca! She was in an especially good mood even though it was and is ridiculously hot and she was left alone! She liked her new cat sitter, our neighbor, Jessica. Thank god! She hates everyone except us, equally, but finally did well. For the first time, she wasn't all neurotic when we returned. I think I need to jump in our pool right now to cool off. Here I go!

What I Wore:
Shoes- Havianas dark blue flip-flops
Bathing Suit- Juicy Couture Bikini
Sunnies- Navy blue Marc Jacobs
Headphones- Rose gold by Eschuche
Wood Iphone case- by Vers
Jewels- Dinosaurus on Etsy Bullet casing with quartz necklace

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