Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vacationing in Big Sur = Paradise by day!!!

Making Our Way up the Central Coast

The hike down to Andrew Molera State Beach is picturesque. 

The Beach was slightly chilly, but warm enough to sunbathe for a little while. The beach was completely unspoiled and it had a log see-saw. The hubby even took some amazing Polaroids and played Photographer. He is wonderful, patient and kind with me and my dress up adventures. I'll scan and upload the pictures as soon as we return home.

There were lovely little drift wood huts made and we took refuge in one of them.  

The hike back was glorious and we decided to dedicate a couple of shots modeled after a current Marc Jacobs ad that I liked so much in my new issue of Vogue. We played tourists and I wished upon a flower! "I want to go to there (forever)!" by Liz Lemon on 30 Rock! I also pretended to eat Poison oak to tease Cort and my dad!

What I Wore:
Shoes- Lowa hiking boots and Havianas flip flops
Swim Suit- Juicy Couture red, gingham, ruffled bikini
Sunnies- Red heart shades (knock-off) and Navy Blue Marc Jacobs
Shorts- Khaki re-make (Anythropologie) and Hiking Shorts (REI)
Shirts- Off white ruffled tank (Anthropoligie) and 2 Capilene (draws moisture away from your body) hiking shirts (long and short) by REI 
Socks- Smart Wool
Flannel- Borrowed from Hubby (Buffalo Exchange)
Straw Hat- Revamped and hand beaded by me, but from Urban Outfitters 2 years ago.
Jewels- Family heirloom remade with chain by me, Diane Von Furstenburg earrings and all other bling is handmade by your's truly!
Coat- Mountain Hardware (extremely warm) 

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