Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just Passing Through Solvang to Los Olivos for Epic Wine Tasting

Cort and I decided to adventure through Solvang quite quickly and head to our favorite spot for wine tasting on the Central Coast, Los Olivos.

A cute little vintage car to showcase Meg's Birthday Present, worn around my neck.

Skulls ad pin-up girls with a lot of color!

A very nice woman offered to take our photo so Cort could stop complaining about my asking him to squat amongst flowers while I set the timer! Don't worry, more photographic drama ensues when I ask him to almost risk his life to get hit by a Clydesdale horse.

Teenagers take decent pictures and obviously we stopped whining and arguing after a few sips of wine in a great little tasting shop. They had great boutique wines and fabulous Pinot Noirs. Run, do not walk, to the the Los Olivos Tasting Room. Meg has a surprise coming from this special shop. Next, We headed to Daniel Gehrs and picked up some Vixen Rose for me. 

Cort is becoming a wino for the day. Actually he is my designated driver, usually.
What I Wore:
Shoes- Anthropologie

Shorts- Alteration shown in earlier post so they are now more bloomer like

Camisole- Anne Klein

Short Sleeved Sweater- Charlotte

Purse- Tano

Jewels- My own creation for Meg's Birthday 

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