Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Play Date with Meg All Over the City: Haight St., The Mission District and back to Meg and her husband's apartment in the Richmond District

Traveling by Bus and Taxi: girls night out festivities!

Ice Cream and Grilled Cheese 

 We went out for ice cream, my favorite food group and apparently this shop makes customized, homemade ice cream flavors that ROCK! Better yet, is that ice cream is Meg's favorite dairy food group too! The chandeliers were absolutely lovely and totally glitzed up the otherwise drab interior in this establishment, pushing the envelope to a whole new level of Glam!

The Bus Stop to Haight

A found feather made Meg's look for the evening (tucked sweetly into her crocheted skull cap) and then she gifted the feather to another sweet girl we met much later into the night!

Meg's demonstrating a bit of her glorious take upon hobo chic at the bus stop! Yes, there was a broken television to sit upon and Meg made it into her stool. Also, she blows fantastic bubble gum bubbles that make me slightly envious of her skill set.

This dive bar on Haight was an after thought that we found enjoyable even after we incited drama and the bar tender removed a total punk. This fun began once Meg got her lost nose ring all sorted. Her shag carpet ate it and now it's replaced.

We played dress up and did a mini photo shoot in the dive bar! 

Rad Graffiti and One Mural Included my Love, Jerry Garcia

Then, I headed outside to see the awesome graffiti, caricatures, local characters and to smoke. I had a lot of fun taking pictures of strangers all night long!

Onward We Went to the Mission District to Visit The Beauty Bar
This shot was taken a little bit hastily and I missed the giant breathe of fire that he let out immediately after borrowing Meg's lighter. He is probably one of the coolest, most laid-back, chill bar tenders I have ever met and it always helps when your friend is already good pals with a bar tender. Right? 

Meg and I modeled for pictures even though we were missing our personal paparazzi, Cort. Fortunately, we met a lot of very sweet and charming people this evening, but these are some of the most fascinating people at the Beauty Bar. We played a bit with them for some time before we were whisked away in our Prius cab ride to meet my husband and to eat pizza at home. Unfortunately, we didn't make it back until after 1:30 a.m. and I passed out directly after gorging on pizza. Cort and Meg watched The Dave Chappelle Show. 

Music and Cigarettes

This was and is the extraordinary, little, stylish DJ who was spinning the 1950s and 1960s tunes that evening and probably numerous other upcoming engagements, so we could dance in contentment. I am in love with her large, graphic, polka dotted dress and that adorable hair cut with a pea coat! 

The Cab is Waiting Outside and We're on Our Way!

The previous night, we had an original Nintendo Super Mario Brother's tournament until roughly 5:30 a.m. so I think we did a little better with the whole we're grown ups and we're going to go to bed at a decent hour thing. 

Our Journey From San Francisco to the Redwood Forest = Exquisite

The vistas were worth freezing to the bone with the chills to experience from a special vantage point!

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