Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday Gifts Outfit Post!

The Hubby Hooked Me Up With Some Lovely Gifts-Happy Birthday To Me! Yay!

A lovely sailor outfit worn near a canon at the park near sunset! The new sunnies and sandals are awesome and I love this look with a navy blue, boys' blazer.

I love the new sailor shirt and the bullet necklace. The other necklace and the earrings are a gift I made for my mother for her Birthday. It is  from the Patricia Baker Collection and there are three others that will be offered in Etsy store after August 10th.

Reversable Necklace for mom and my new bullet casing necklace with a quartz in it. I love it! You can get yours her at this Etsy site (dinosaurtoes)! The Patricia Baker collection of reversible necklaces and glass, hand beaded earrings will be available August 10th at Kitsch on Etsy!

Love the back lighting, courtesy of the hubby's photography skills.

 This is the zoomed in focus of the two new necklaces. The Patrica Baker Collection I've begun making and my mom gets the first one which is named after her. The bullet was made by dinosaurtoes (see link above). 

Simplicity as the sun goes down!
New Eschuche, Rose Gold, headphones, gifted to me by the hubby! I am so in ove with them and the Vers Ipod case!

Great location and beautiful light at sunset.
I love Long Beach! There are numerous places to chase light and take lovely photos!

What I wore:
Shoes- Pink from Anthropologie (sold out)

Pants- Express clearance, altered to be more taper legged (sold out)

Shirt- Brass Band Tank Anthropolgie
Blazer- Thrifted Boys Jacket from Dillards

Sunnies- Black leather and green and white fabric Anthropologie (sold out)

Necklaces- Patricia Baker Collection, Dinosaurtoes Bullet
Earrings- Patricia Baker Collection (Soon to be in the Kitsch Etsy store)

Headphones- Escuche Rose Gold from 80's Purple 

Iphone case- Vers from Design Public
Handbag- Banana Republic (2 years old sold out)

Handkerchief- Vintage and thrifted


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  1. first, the picture on the canon made me think "you the bomb."

    second, i love nouvelle vague! :)


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