Friday, July 9, 2010

Sowing the Seeds for Sewing

As I mentioned before, I am handpainting my former wedding dress and it is already dyed red because we needed it for Footloose. I have been stalling my efforts with my dress by permeating my creativity based upon this dress from Anthropologie

Flowing Skirts

 I am making something like this J. Crew skirt to wear with my turquoise suede oxfords while in San Diego this weekend. I better do this now or it won't happen.

Hand Painted Abstract on White

 I want to modify a dress I bought at H&M and do something similar to Marinaasta's look I found on Etsy. DIY. Dare I try? I like the idea of making flowing short skirts and hand painting bugs and beetles or butterflies on them too.

 I am loving this TSE look to transition into fall. I think white is the new black.


 I am pretty petite so maxi dresses typically dwarf my tiny frame, but I am still going to make a cute one inspired by this lovely that Rumi of Fashion Toast is rocking. I think it's ideal for summer if it ever decides to come here and stay. SoCal has been a bit chilly this summer so I have been bundled up in Long Beach for the grey days.

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