Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Skirt and Earthy Jewelry

My Husband Goes Overkill With his New Iphone: I refused to pose.

I like the Nikon shots better even if it's a Coolpix.  

Work in Progress Inspired by Kelly Over at the Glamorai's Glamporium

I started with a simple template that I copied from Kelly because it saves a ton of chain which costs the most money when you're making jewelry. I sewed the chain to the ribbon and then did a simple knot to cover the mess and create interest. You can see the final shots below.

Up Close is Personal is Vulnerable Without Sunnies

 These shots showcase my cousin Andrew's favorite VW. He is a fanatic! We went to a BBQ in Lakewood with the family since Grandma is in town from Montana. She is suffering from dementia, but the hubby and I learned a new drinking game (Kings) while hanging with the baby cousin and his friends. Good times!

"To the Back...To the Back...Now Slide Baby Slide"

I'm able to show off the new skirt I made from another angle.

Close up of the Jewlery

I used turquoise, abalone shell, red sponge coral, glass beads and moonstone with Sterling chains and vintage grosgrain ribbon.

More Detail: what I wore

I wore MIA studded clogs, a handmade skirt (elastic waste made from chambray, plaid piping, and a simple horizontal stripe), Reef simple camisole, an old bandeau striped bikini top from Old Navy, a handmade necklace that I recently made and described above, Marc Jacobs sunglasses, simple earrings gifted by my hubby and my still new to me Chanel nail polish. * I will take custom order for skirts and jewelry if you like anthing you see! * 

Sound Track Iron and Wine "Boy With a Coin"

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