Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday to Me

Aging Gracefully (gulp) I Hope!

Making a wish so all my dreams come true for the coming year.

My favorite pastime besides making things is to sing.

I'm opening  such lovely gifts. I have amazing friends. 

This one was a teeny tiny canvas of a squirrel eating an acorn, gifted by Christina. 

Yes, I am I classy broad. Sapporo straight out of the bottle. At least, I drank champagne and Rose out of plastic cups at the beach bonfire dinner and at my Birthday dinner at home.

Holy drunken friends and I. Look at my right eye. I am winking or squinting. Hilarity!

Billie Holiday is my favorite. "Go Bless The Child" is my signature tune!

Anna singing, "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" makes me giggle because god only knows what eight animals she wants to add to her arc for Chanukah.

Janis Joplin had to be done by the end of the evening because my voice was wrecked and perfect for screaming, "Me and Bobby Mcgee".

My hubby and my bestie, Zulma, refusing to sing Karaoke while listening to surprising ly talented singers. The Ojhah Lounge in Little Tokyo is pretty private and you can sing a lot of songs if you're a hardcore karaoker like myself and there's a two drink minimum to encourage liquid courage. 

 This was a very classy establishment. They (the whole lounge) even sang "Happy Birthday" to me in harmony. 

Then, the owner brought out a delightful creampuff dessert with Happy Birthday written neatly on the plate in chocolate fudge! I was impressed. 

Cort receives 5 gold stars for the planning and execution of the best 30th Birthday this kitschy girl could ever wish for.

Nothing holds a candle to these Birthday experiences. My husband planed a Japanese themed night of sushi and Karaoke and a beach Bonfire! And why should the last 29 Birthdays hold up to that? They are simply long lost memories of drunken debauchery and slummy, scuzzy bars. I best not forget the all night D.J. sets with glow in the dark wrist bands. Te he! My 20's are over, baby, and it is high time I grow up. 

The beach bonfire was so fun. We had beer bratwursts, actually boiled in beer in a saucepan over the fires, and then roasted on hangers over the flames. I made an olive and caper, whole grain, cold pasta salad with tomatoes and basil. It was very zesty from the lemon, red wine dressing. The hubby made s'mores over the fire and they were delicious. I ate one for breakfast the day after to continue the celebration. The rose was wonderful and some great friends brought me a delicious coconut Popsicle that I ate out of a cup while drinking a warm green tea Latte that another wonderful friend gifted to me (they also gave me a silk scarf that will be posted in an outfit post very soon).

I hated saying goodbye to our friends and family from Utah, but everyone had to go back home to their actual lives! The people at this gathering were such a surprise for this Lioness (I'm a Leo) that I was twitterpated all night long!

 Next year, I must go to Disneyland to do ensure I've reserved a bit of immaturity to continue making mistakes in coming years and to learn and grow. I'll sneak a flask in under my skirt (sarcasm)

Ok, all kidding aside, I feel reflective and grounded. I think turning thirty forces one to look back and set new goals. I am accomplishing all of mine and it feels so great to be me right now. Thank you Cort for being my tandem team member. You balance me out and we are like yin and yang, functioning harmoniously. I look forward to our trip up the coast beginning Saturday. There are numerous posts to come soon! Get excited!
I love you.
xo, The Chief

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