Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rural Oasis Home in New York Times

Inspiring Interiors


My husband was reading the New York Times with his coffee this morning and I walked by and loved this home. I'm a teacher so chalkboards must be a turn on. I love the traditional green chalkboards. He sent me the link!

Interior Living Space

This was the first shot I saw and I am awestruck. Can I move here? Please? Fully furnished and finished anyone? 

 Kitchen Space

I want the chairs and the stumps. 

 The Office/Living Space

Exposed brick walls everywhere. This makes me want to buy a loft. The finished/polished concrete floors are lovely. I want to ride big wheels or skateboards everywhere.
Stairs to the Bedroom

These stairs are amazing and I want to live here.

  Exposed Brick Wall Bedroom

This bed lies low and is fantastic. I don't even mind the messy books that aren't shelved because they're so neatly stacked. And those light fixtures hanging from above make me want to glow.

Master Bedroom

The pops of color mixing with all that stark white are impeccable.

Exterior Yard

I'm drooling over the exposed beams and all the potential this place has. I would do things a lot differently, but they have sapce to work with!

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