Thursday, July 15, 2010

Modified Trench, My Favorite Hat and New Sparkles Around My Neck

This was inspired by Kelly's post on the Glamourai

She didn't make hers, but I am sure she could have modified a funky, circa 1970's trench coat into a jacket or shirt dress if she wanted to. She found hers on Modcloth (a site most will love!). I found a cheap $7.00 jacket at Buffalo Exchange last year and rarely wore it since I have three trench coats and this one was really dated looking. It was made in Korea sometime during the 70s. I love all jackets and suiting I find that is made in Korea because the items fit my petite frame perfectly. 

I hemmed the bottom, closed the slit in the back up a bit (didn't want to be too naughty) and capped the sleeves (a daunting task since I wanted them to create interest and be gathered). I had to cut the sleeves off and fix the lining (orange padding poured onto my floor at this point in the project). The lining is now hand sewn to the jacket/dress to secure it in place. I am so happy with the results and know this will be a summer into fall staple piece.  I hope you all like it. I can make one for you and would graciously accept any custom orders for any re-designs, sewing projects or jewelry wants or needs! Just email me, send pictures and describe what you want and we'l negotiate pricing via email, Facebook you need my email though ( or the phone (after contact is made through the interweb).

The Hat

I love The Sound of Music. My favorite song is "Favourite Things". This hat is my favorite possession and my go to head piece when I am having a bad hair day, a laundry day, a farmer's market day, a beach afternoon or I am simply running errands. I've even worn it to casual parties and bars. I wear it often. The form/base was an old Urban Outfitter's fedora with a simple black band. I added my favorite color grosgrain ribbon, sparkly beading, peacock feathers and a vintage, gifted by mom, bakelite buckle.

The Jewelry

I used a lot of sterling chain, chandelier crystals, mother of pearl, seed beads and layered two of my creations. I like the jacket buttoned up just as much as I do open.

Hubby Trying His New iphone

We just had to see how his new iphone camera works and he wanted to try the zoom on it which gave him more of an incentive to take the shots. He's a much better photographer then me. The shots are great and pretty high quality resolution. I am impressed and now wondering if I shouldn't have passed up a new phone for shoes, jewelry and clothes. ;p

Texture and the Queen Mary

My favorite place to visit in Long Beach to visit is the Queen Mary. It is so beautiful and takes me to a time period of luxury and art deco charm. This shot has great texture from the chain-linked fence and the lighting is lovely.

What I'm Wearing

I'm wearing Cynthia Vincent shoes, an Anthropologie chemise skirt, a camisole from Target (Mossimo-gifted courtesy of mom), Hat, Jewels, and trench my own designs (Kitsch). I will be launching a store on etsy (If you've never been to this site go now and visit because you will not be unimpressed, The artists that list their wares are passionate and extremely talented.) so keep your eyes peeled and hang in there with any custom orders in the meantime.

Sound Track: Ella Fitzgerald "Don't Fence Me In"

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  1. Brooke, This Blog is so exciting! What gifts you have!: Impeccable sewing skills (pattern making) Intricate, exquisite one of a kind handmade jewelry , Impressive photography, unique design (clothing & home ideas), attention to detail, vast imagination & all things creative! A special thanks for sharing tidbits of your "Domesticated Life", married to an intelligent, fun,kind, also highly creative person & the fun times/travels you have together as well as your passion for cooking & dining! Love all I've seen so far on your site...especially the revamped trenchcoat & *you* modeling your creations!.I will inform my friends on facebook! (why don't you just post this on Perricone facebook?) XO Mom


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