Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I am Doll Parts

Playing Dress Up Like Courtney Love circa 1990s

A new friend of mine, Tally, allowed me to indulge in a little dress up and photography. We picked a theme and ran with it. We decided upon Courtney Love in the 90s when she still played guitar and looked hot doing so. She invented a style that is so nostalgic when I look back at my junior high and early high school years. Good times.

A ripped slip, plaid, mary janes...what more could Courtney Love wished for when she loved Cobain?

Heroin chic, black eyeliner, bright red, ferocious, vampire (just bitten) lips, and chipped Chanel nail polish. All of this was glitzier with a little help from a few of my jeweled creations.

A little puppy love to go with the naughty thigh high fishnets and feather fascinator.

The studded ballet slippers in all their grungy splendor. I am even emoting my grungy side with teased, greasy hair and no time to take a shower.

Tally looking super fly and so does Long Beach!

I love the beach and the palm tree silhouette behind me. What a lovely evening.

Finally, a reason to whip out the fascinator by Myra Kim of Twigs and Honey I wore at my wedding. Perfection!

Everything is either thrifted or vintage or made by yours truly except for the Prada mary janes that Tally is rockin', the knee socks from Target, and the fishnets that can be found at most fetish stores. Most of the make-up is MAC, Bare Minerals or Laura Mercier.

Courtney Love with Hole "Doll Parts"

I truly miss the old Love prior to plastic surgery when she simply wore plastic clips in her messy hair. She is gorgeous and looks great in designer clothes, but I yearn for the old Love.


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