Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nostalgic Throw Back, a nod to the 1940s (keeping up with Jones')

Dress Up Part One...with Tally. She brought a friend, Lars. 


Tally- Her own shirt and shoes, lace tights from Urban Outfitters,A vintage skirt, Target headband, and one of my creation/necklace which I named Evacuation to Sea Air.



Lars- Gold thrifted silk Cache skirt, Guess shoes, Fishnet thigh highs (local fetish shop), modified circa 1980s silk shirt, Entienne Aigner clutch with panther pin (thrifted), and a custom necklace made by yours truly newly named In Gilded Chains.

 What a blast this shoot turned into...Magic!

The women of the 1940s supported the war movement by keeping their homes well manicured and their dress classy. Women had to rely on each other to handle what was traditionally considered men's work and to ensure that their friendships were strong, leaning upon the girls, in case their husbands or gents were to come home wounded or their man came home in a box. These were tough times for a lady. Fortunately,  women remained glamorous and sexy regardless how tough things became. Friendships should still be that tight today!

This is the entire pack of ladies (Tally, Lars and yours truly)dressed comfortably after a tough day of work. Fortunately, we're still ready for evening cocktails. I truly enjoy mixed patterns and vintage shoes with the stockings. I did the styling to match the ladies personalities and embellished the look with my jeweled creations. I've recently become interested in styling side projects even if I were working pro bono.


Me- Vintage Valentino shoes, nude fishnets (Target), Navy and white striped pencil skirt (thrifted and modified), Charter Club shirt (thrifted), okay ever thing was thrifted except for the jewels and my tights. The new name for this necklace My Grandma's Closet in Brass. The earrings are simple, but they work with the look. I absolutely love my little boys blazer (thrifted).

Sound Track: Woody Guthrie by "This Land"


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