Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cave Climbing in Capris

Explored a cave in this outfit and went to brunch at The Cottage

We explored a cute little town and ate so much food we had to nap in the car for a while to work off our food comas. Then we climbed down and up these great old stairs to a beautiful vantage point below a store in an old cave. there were baby pigeons and the ocean looked lovely from this point of view.

Tortilla soup and the best spicy bloody Mary a girl could ask for.

Re-purposed (re-sewn by me into cap sleeves) silk shirt circa 1940's Japan, Ann Taylor capris and flats, Jewelry by me, and clip Claires. 

Pigeon eggs
Baby pigeons look so cute before they grow up and become a nuisance. At first, I thought they were seagulls, but I was wrong.

I stepped into Nicole Miller and saw the most beautiful Moyna bags and clutches and some gorgeous jewelry by local artists. Here's a sample of what I saw.

Beautiful pieces by very talented people from La Jolla. the staff at the La Jolla Nicole Miller was fantastic. One of the awesome shop girls was wearing one of my favorite cheapy nail polishes, Commander in Chief by Sally Hansen. It is a lilac grey and it will go out of style quickly so you my at well get it at your local drugstore. Right?

The Beautifully Grey Beach

Sound Track: St. Vincent "Jesus Saves I Spend"

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