Monday, July 12, 2010

Black and White Polaroid Play

Polaroids in Black and White

Two kids playing with their shadows before a Quincinerea. At first, they were jumping on the table and playing, but I asked their mom if I could use them as models. She obliged and the little one got shy. Oh well. Still cute.

Long Beach near Locust and Anaheim is a fun place to take random shots of guys hustling, playing basketball, or shooting dice. They were more then happy to get their picture taken as long as it wasn't too up close. Too funny!

Local construction with a crane. This is inspired by Ixchel's love of all things constructed.

Gardening is beautiful. This woman helps her husband with his landscaping business now that she's laid off. She was so sweet. They tend the planters near the local tea shop.

Our 98 year old neighbor, Lester, tending his tree. He has pretty severe dementia these days, but he's a great guy.

A double exposure in La Jolla in my favorite white dress.

In this shot I look like I am a ghost or an angel looking after Cort.

Cort took this because he likes the architecture of the window and I liked my outfit. I am never against having my picture taken. ;p

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