Saturday, July 17, 2010

Elle Magazine Interior Inspiration

A Beautiful Home

I love loft spaces and warehouses converted into livable quarters. One day, the hubby and I plan to reinvent an industrial space ourselves. I saw these images in Elle a while back and was inspired while noticing them again at the mechanic while getting a smog test. California requires smog tests annually for your car's renewal of registration. It's usually a huge hassle and takes forever. Fortunately. I passed the time blissfully flipping through old zines like Elle, W, and Vogue. I am amazed the shop had these to peruse.

Exterior View

I adore the reflection pool.

Exterior Entryway

Lovely rock path and polished concrete slab.

Meet the Owners

Their company is doing great work and fighting the good fight too.

Interior Living Space and Stairs

The upholstery on the bench is so chic and the rustic charm of the streamlined benches juxtaposed with the austere concrete and minimalism of the color palette and the whole room certainly appeal to my senses today. All the minor pops of red are welcome since I'm such a fiery gal.

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