Friday, July 23, 2010

Feminism 1940s Revival: when the men are at war & women work

Dress Up With Tally and Lars: a photo story

The girls are shirking responsibilities and I am urging them to get back to work. One problem, I am a terrible boss and I'm ready to go home to play too. Naughty little boss lady and worker bees, supporting the war movement. Sometimes, girls just want to have fun even if it's on the clock.


What We Wore 
Tally-Auto mechanic outfit with gray Toms and a black scarf.

Lars-Auto mechanic outfit with red Toms and a red Toms.

Me-Vintage tapestry purse, Cole Haan oxfords, American Apparel socks, thrifted high wasted wool pants (Pendleton), White thrifted button down shirt, Ben Sherman tie, Red Italian suspenders, my own jeweled design aptly named Botanicals.

Sound Track: Frankie Lymon "Goody Goody"

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